Past Shows

2011-2012 Season Shows

The Jimmy Stewart Mystery

Written and Directed by B. Johns

December 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, & 18

In the tradition of the classic “Choose Your Own Adventure” book series, The Jimmy Stewart Mystery is an original comedy in which the audience is invited to participate in the action as it unfolds by choosing what characters on the stage should do at a number of key moments. It is Christmas Eve in Indiana, Pennsylvania, and all is quiet. That is, until it is discovered that our town’s beloved Jimmy Stewart statue has been stolen right off its pedestal on the courthouse lawn. Hijinks ensue as a few concerned citizens and their children join the police in a hunt for the statue, racing to get it back up before Christmas morning. Two Santa Clauses in a vicious showdown for reindeer dominance, a mysterious gorilla with a ferocious appetite for candy canes, and the evil Mercersburg Historical Revisionist Society all have potential appearances in this zany play. Will the statue be returned? It’s up to you to decide!