Eleventh Annual One Act Festival Director & Playwright Proposal Submission Form

Eleventh Annual One Act Festival – Behind the Scenes Volunteer Sign Up

Summer/Regular Season Show Proposal Submission Form (Submit other event ideas here too)

The Indiana Players choose an annual regular season consisting of six shows. If scheduling permits, the season may be expanded. Rehearsal space is our major constraint, so if you have access to a useable space, please let us know! The season roughly runs from the end of August/beginning of September to May of the following year. In addition to our regular season, we select between one and three Summer Series show depending on scheduling. One of these shows is traditionally a children’s musical. The Players also hold an annual One Act Festival in the spring or summer consisting of short plays each helmed by a different director.

Our calendar is filled out with other event proposals like staged readings, one-person shows, or other theater groups looking to stage a show at the Philadelphia Street Playhouse. Our goal is to fill as many weekends of the year as possible with entertainment for the community. The Indiana Players is a volunteer, non-profit organization, so we need your help proposing plays, musicals and events to keep the Playhouse alive.

The Selection Committee looks at all proposals and does their best to balance the season with a variety of shows: drama, comedy, musicals, seasonal (Christmas shows, etc.), traditional standards, modern pieces, big name shows and original works. Subject matter and genre also factor into the final schedule. No show proposal will be immediately disregarded; however there are many considerations that the committee must weigh:

Cast size: Famous plays, musicals, and comedies with a substantial cast may draw auditionees but it could be difficult to find a large cast (12+) for lesser known works or heavy dramas. As a matter of principle, Indiana Players shows do not precast, and open auditions will be held for each and every show. Casting is however, ultimately up to each director.

Logistics & Budget: While we don’t expect a director to have a budget set to the penny, you should have a strong idea about your set and costumes in mind when proposing. In addition to royalties that we must pay to put on the show, there are also set construction and costume costs. A large cast means more costumes, and a complicated set or multiple scene changes means more construction material and time. The Philadelphia Street Playhouse has a small backstage area so it’s a challenge to implement multiple set changes for a single show.

Experience: Submissions are open to the public and no previous experience or resume is necessary. If you haven’t directed before, we encourage you to participate as a stage manager or assistant director for an upcoming show. Most of our regular volunteer directors would happily take on a protégé and show you the ropes before you dive head first into your own project. Another great way to take your first step is directing a one act play. Our 9th Annual One Act Festival submission form is here. If you haven’t been backstage at the Philadelphia Street Playhouse you’re welcome to set up an appointment for a tour to get an idea of what you’ll be working with before you propose your show. Contact webmaster@indianaplayers.com to set up a time to visit.

Flexibility: We will do our best to fit your proposed show into the date range that you’d like best, but we can’t guarantee it. Scheduling for an entire year’s worth of shows is a big task. If you’re flexible on when you direct and not have too many blackout dates, that will help us tremendously and increase your chances of being accepted into our season. We suggest that you submit several proposals so the Selection Committee has a few options while piecing together the schedule (so we don’t end up with all whodunits or screwball comedies). If your proposals span a variety of genres, you’ll increase the likelihood of one being chosen for our season. Remember that you’ll have 4-6 weeks of rehearsal (four or five nights a week) before opening night and as a director you’ll be involved in every part the preparation.

If you are a playwright but don’t want to direct or have someone to propose your script as a director, please submit your original material. The Selection Committee will weigh the material just like any previously published play and if it’s a good fit for our season find a director from our pool of veteran volunteers.

The Philadelphia Street Playhouse is your community theater! When you’re ready to take the plunge fill out one of our application forms to toss your hat in the ring!