Past Shows

2008-2009 Season Shows

School House Rock LIVE! Jr. - March 2009

Showdates: March 13, 14, 15 & 20, 21, 22 – 2009

Lyrics by Bob Dorough
Music by Bob Dorough
Lyrics by Dave Frishberg
Music by Dave Frishberg
Book by George Keating
Lyrics by George Newall
Music by George Newall
Lyrics by Kathy Mandry
Music by Kathy Mandry
Book by Kyle Hall
Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens
Music by Lynn Ahrens
Book by Scott Ferguson
Lyrics by Tom Yohe
Music by Tom Yohe

SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK LIVE! JR. opens at 6 a.m. as Tom Mizer, a young teacher, wakes up on his first day of work. As his alarm goes off, Tom enters and begins to rehearse his teaching technique. Soon, Tom’s thoughts begin to take life around him. In an attempt to calm himself, Tom turns on the T.V. What’s on this morning? Why, it’s Schoolhouse Rock! As Tom gets drawn into the show the first song begins. Tom thinks he may be losing his marbles and attempts to turn off the T.V. His various alter egos convince him that he is O.K. Each one of them is a part of Tom’s mind. They’re every person, place and thing he has ever seen. Tom is still quite unconvinced that he is has not lost his mind.

+ Performing March 13, 14, 20, 22
* Performing March 15, 21

Tammy – Amy McKenzie+, Leanna Pearce*
George – Ben Strong+, Juliano Donatelli*
Dori – Vrenda Soni+, Noel Hartle*
Shulie – Brielle King+, Moriah Kromer*
Joe – James Isaac+, Brian Bowersox*
Dina – Kelsey Cunningham+, Marissa Moore*
Solo – Elizabeth Grieggs+, Kate Palko*


Julie Bardroff, Megan Kester, Paighton Beard, Kallie Kocinski, Charlie Bennett, Isaac Marshall, Catey Calvert, Susannah Nickas, Jocelyn Clayton, Clara Sherwood, Elizabeth Denver, Emma Stossel, Hannah Edgar, Kaitlyn Stossel, Desirae Giever, Erin Villemain, Abbi Henry, Mya Zemlock

Production Staff

Directors – James R. Chapman, Donna Cupp, Laura Jeffrey
Art Directors – Kate Zemlock, Michele Stuck, Hunter Strittmatter, Lewis Smith, Cathy Martz
Costumes – Colleen Wakefield

Special Thanks

Elks Club of Indiana
Indiana Gazette
Renda Broadcasting
Bill Hastings
Julie Engelmann
Rochelle King
Blairsville Dispatch
Denny Flynn
Jeremiah Fisher
James Watta