Past Shows

2009-2010 Season Shows

Ripe Conditions - September 2009

By Claudia Allen

Directed by Jeremiah Fisher

Showdates: September 4, 5, 6 & 11, 12, 13 – 2009

Set in rural Michigan, Ripe Conditions is about Lester and Buster, a pair of bumbling brothers, and Ann, the long-lost love of their lives, who eloped with their kid brother years ago only to return to their shambling farm as an attractive and eligible widow. Buster, who bathes once a month, whether he needs it or not, keeps the farm going with a cash crop that is smokable but not exactly legal. Lester, nursing his illnesses and complaining, hasn’t been the same since Buster shot him in the leg years ago in a dispute over their mutual love, Ann. Then, in order to gain more sympathy, Lester shot himself several more times! Old feelings are reignited in the brawling brothers, while the radio reports “ripe conditions” for a tornado — which hits as they are making overtures to Ann with their own brand of country-boy charm.


Buster – Ray Cupples
Lester – John Henry Steelman
Ann – Susan Loughry

Production Staff

Assistant Director – Sam Paule
Lights – Bethany Geiger
Sound – John M. Stevenulak
Stage Manager – Sam “Murderface” Paule
Crew Chief – B. Johns
Prop Diva – Clare “Damien” Welsh
Set Designer – Robin Yatsko
Costumes – Sam Paule
Posters and Program – B. Johns
Stage Crew – Loretta Dalton, Emily Fisher, Sean Grant, & Old Gregg
Construction – Robin Yatsko, Laser Fisher, Sean Grant, Sam Paule, Nevel Bamshoot, & Michael Deabendurfer
Window Special Effects - Sam Paule, Happy Popinkiss, Jie, & Sarah McKenzie

Special Thanks

Katrina Kayden
electro boy & electro girl
Sarah McKenzie
Rain Johns