Past Shows

2010-2011 Season Shows

The Philadelphia Street Story - February 2011

By B. Johns

Directed by Katrina Kayden

Showdates: February 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20 – 2011

The Philadelphia Street Story is a light-hearted romantic comedy about a Philosophy professor who has been cheating on his wife with a graduate assistant. His wife finds out and his entire world is turned upside down. He realizes the gravity of the situation and regrets it wholeheartedly so he resolves to get her back no matter what. Hijinks ensue phillywebas the professor and his well-meaning but eternally pessimistic best friend try to win back his wife’s affection by pulling out all the stops. From harmless high school pranks, to colleagues and friends abandoning him and stabbing him in the back, to knock down drag out fights, the professor will endure it all to win back his true love.


Arnie Phillips – Dave Cavill
Martha Phillips – Rachel Smith
John Lydick – Bruce Dries
Bobbie Lydick – Kathleen Cowden
Christiana McDannard – Sara Necciai
Foras – John Henry Steelman
Tony – Tony DeLoreto
Server – Kelly Wentz
Understudy – Ashlea Marie Leone

Production Staff

Stage Manager – Ashlea Marie Leone
Set Designer – Dave Cavill
Set Painter – Greta Garsteck
Lighting Designer – Rain Johns
Sound Designer – Mallory Walsh
Stage Crew – Tony DeLoreto, Carrie Estes, Jeremiah Fisher
Props Master – Kelly Wentz
Light and Sound Board Operator – Rain Johns
Poster – Leandra Binder
Program – Bruce Dries
Set Construction – Dave Cavill, Jeremiah Fisher, Greta Garsteck, B. Johns, Sam Paule, Nikolai Zarnick

Special Thanks

Spaghetti Benders and the DeLoreto Family
Sue Loughry
Nikolai Zarnick
Deborah Phillips
Mr. Anders
William and Jo Ann Johns
Sam Paule
Joanne Haggerty and Mark Kayden
James Dixon
Lorretta Dalton
Cavill Video Creations
Don Henry and WIUP
Todd Marino and WDAD
The Indiana Gazette
The Blairsville Dispatch