Past Shows

2010-2011 Season Shows

The Nutcracker - December 2010

Adapted and Directed by Leslie Swentosky

Showdates: December 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19 – 2010

Adapted from Tchaikovsky’s ballet, this adaptation featured his Nutcracker Suite with dialogue, ballet, choreographed puppetry, swordfights, and audience interaction to complete the illusion of Clara’s adventures with the Nutcracker.


Clara – Laura Chelgren
Fritz – Andrew Hastings
Papa – Jim Lydick
Mama – E. Hope Midock
Drosselmeier – B. Johns
Astronomer – Kate Cowden
Chancellor – Bill Herring
King – Chip Engelmann
Maid – Deborah Phillips
Princess Pirlipat – Mikaela Gressley
Zacharias/Nutcracker – Dave Cavill
Mouse King – Jim Lydick
Snowflakes – Sarah Detweiller, Michelle Phillips, Lindsay Herring, Leah Pidgeon
Dragon – Faith Hamrock (The Pearl Leader), Lindsay Herring, Sarah Detweiller, Michelle Phillips, Leah Pidgeon

Puppeteers – Jim Lydick, Leslie Swentosky, Kate Cowden, Bill Herring, Shane Engelmann


Stage Manager – Kate Cowden
Puppet Manager – Jim Lydick
Sound Editing – Dave Cavill
Sound and Lighting – Dave Cavill, B. Johns, Rain Johns
Properties – Kate Cowden, Clare Welsh
Puppet Creation and Design – Jim Lydick, Leslie Swentosky
Assistant Puppet Creators – Sue Loughry, Courtney Blystone
Choreography of sword fight – Ryan Hays
Choreography of snowflake dance – Laura Chelgren
Costumes – Deborah Phillips, Katrina Kayden
Program and Poster – Bruce Dries, Jim Lydick
Stage Crew – Shane Engelman
Set Design – Dave Cavill
Set Construction – Dave Cavill, Jim Lydick, Bill Herring, Kate Cowden, Lindsay Herring, Leslie Swentosky
Christmas Tree Design and Construction – Jim Lydick

Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker Suite” by the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Universal Classics, Universal Music Group. Gratis licensing BMI/ASCAP.

Special thanks to the IUP Department of Theater and Dance for their support.