Past Shows

2008-2009 Season Shows

A Little Princess - June 2009

Adapted by Eleanor V. Lindsay

Directed by John Henry Steelman

Showdates: June 19, 20, 21 & June 26, 27, 28 – 2009

Young Sara Crewe arrives at Miss Minchin’s Select Seminary for Young Ladies in Victorian London. There the young, beloved heiress shines as the star pupil – until the death of her wealthy father completely reverses her fortune. The greedy headmistresses allow Sara to become a servant at the academy and live in a cold, miserable attic room. Sara uses her vivid imagination to overcome adversity and even bring happiness to those around her.
Cast (In speaking order)

Ram Dass – Ramesh Soni
Sara Crewe – Rosa Williamson-Rea
Captain Crewe – Bruce Dries
Miss Maria Minchin – Robyn Bailey-Orchard
Miss Amelia Minchin – Donna Cupp
Jessie – Monica DeLoreto
Lavinia – Daniela Alarcon
Lottie – Athena Nakrosis
Ermengarde – Jocelyn Clayton
Mme. DeFarge – Sam Paule
Cook – Cathy Martz
Becky – Amberlee Taylor
Lady Pitkin – Kelly Wentz
Mr. Barrow – Jeremiah Fisher
Mr. Carmichael – Tony DeLoreto
Mr. Carrisford – Jason Frederick
Anne – Vrenda Soni
Man on the Street – Chris Riggsby

Production Staff

Stage Manager – Amy Steelman
Assistant Stage Manager – Sara Steelman
Technical Director – R. L. Stoerkel
Production Manager – Peggy Buckley
Stage Crew – Thomas Nakrosis, Chris Riggsby
Set Construction Lead – R. L. Stoerkel
Set Construction – Daniela Alarcon, Tony DeLoreto, Bruce Dries, Sara Fritz, John Nakrosis, Thomas Nakrosis, Chris Riggsby, Ramesh Soni, Amy Steelman, John Henry Steelman, R. L. Stoerkel, Amberlee Taylor
Set Painting & Decoration – Daniela Alarcon, Robyn Bailey-Orchard, Courtney Cullen, Donna Cupp, Jason Frederick, Melissa Hensler, Cathy Martz, Athena Nakrosis, Ramesh Soni, Vrenda Soni, Amy Steelman, John Henry Steelman, Amberlee Taylor, Laura Thomas, Rosa Williamson-Rea
Hardwood Floor Design & Painting – R. L. Stoerkel
Costumer – Kathy Baker
Costume Assistants – Cherry DeLoreto, Katrina Kayden, Kathy Koons
Lighting Design – Amy Steelman, R. L. Stoerkel
Light Technician – Bethany Geiger
Sound Design – Peter Miltz
Theater Preparation – Peggy Buckley, Jocelyn Clayton, Jeremiah Fisher, Kelly Wentz
Posters & Programs -Bruce Dries
Window & Sign Painting – Julie Engelmann
Box Office – Ray Cupples

Special Thanks

Brian Jones, Patrick McCreary, IUP Department of Theater and Dance, Sherwin-Williams Co., The Costume Shop, James Bicknell, Cinda Krouk, Charles Runyan, Homer City Generating Station, Spaghetti Benders