Past Shows

2012-2013 Season Shows

A Very Mayan Trickmas

Written and directed by Dave Cavill

December 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, & 16

The Mayans may have predicted the end of the world, but they never predicted it would be this much fun! Two honeymooners in Mexico get an unexpected wake-up call when Mayan gods invade their hotel room and wrap them up in a quest to save the world from destruction. Fear not, they’ll have plenty of help on their journey from some young Mayan deities (if their immature pranks and love of chocolate don’t derail the entire endeavor) and a whirlwind revue of humanity’s best led by none other than Santa’s personal barber. Who knows — if the 2012 predictions are true this may be the last show on Earth. So come see an absurd, family-friendly Christmas time adventure and bring the kids. You’ll be going out with a smile.


Howler — Amber Engelmann
Ichaac- Faith Zuzek
Sandy — Carrie Estes
Mike — Nikolai Zarnick
Kukilcan — Lindsay Herring
Cubbins — Kathleen Cowden
Zipacna — Bill Herring
Awilix — Leanna Pearce
Tohil — Sara Steelman
Knight Commander Brickleberg — Shane Engelmann
The Meteor — Karen Foust
Rankin — Emma Zuzek
Bass — Miranda Zuzek


Stage Manager — Katrina Kayden
Stage Crew — Jane Herring, Andrew Hastings, Katelynn Jordan
Lead Tech — Rain Johns
Lights and Sound — Nick Dampman, Krista Shellhammer
Set Construction — Bill Herring, Justin Hoffman, Brett Johns, Katelynn Jordan, Nikolai Zarnick
Set Painting — Kathleen Cowden, Amber Engelmann, Greta Garsteck, Katrina Kayden, Rain Johns, Sara Steelman, Faith Zuzek
Costume Construction — Carrie Estes, Greta Garsteck, Sharon Herring, Brett Johns, Katelynn Jordan, Katrina Kayden, Leanna Pearce, Sara Steelman, Nikolai Zarnick
Props Construction — Margaret Cavill, Kathleen Cowden, Amber Engelmann, Carrie Estes, Bill Herring, Brett Johns, Katelynn Jordan, Katrina Kayden, Leanna Pearce, Nikolai Zarnick, Faith Zuzek
Window Painting — Julie Engelmann
BOX OFFICE VOLUNTEERS — Martha Buckley, Peggy Buckley, Chip Engelmann, Brett Johns, Katelynn Jordan, Laura McLaine, Sara Necciai, Lizann Porter, John Shaw, Kelly Siffrinn, Casey Smith, Laura Thomas
House Manager — Lorretta Dalton
Program — Bruce Dries


Eric and Barbara Barker, Nate Blehi, Margaret Cavill, Tom Cavill, Gail’s Custom Cakes and Cookies, HEAR Corp., Indiana Area School District, The Indiana Gazette, The Blairsville Dispatch, Jim Rogers and WIUP, Todd Marino and WDAD