Past Shows

2012-2013 Season Shows

A House on 6th Street

by B. Johns

Directed by Katrina Kayden

February 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, & 10

In the quiet college town of Indiana, Pennsylvania, there is a retired professor living alone in a large house on 6th Street. To bring in some much needed extra money, he begrudgingly takes in a student roommate. Then, when she announces her eminent divorce from a philandering husband, the old man’s grown daughter and her 3 young children show up and decide to move in on the same day. The trusted housekeeper and confidant works to keep the peace and smooth the transition but she is dealing with her own, deep-seated demons that are about to burst forth. The dysfunctional household quickly falls into chaos as they each search for their own ways to cope in the face of loss and regret and still find reasons to live.

Written by local playwright B. Johns, this is a departure from his usual fare. Far from the comedic farces audiences have come to expect from him, this serious drama teeters on the brink of tragedy with each character struggling to preserve a chance at happiness while maintaining personal integrity. What does it mean to compromise? What does it mean to follow one’s heart? Can we do both and still be happy?


Elmer Coleman – Ed Keleman
Grace McWhorter – Peggy Buckley
Bobby Keller – Derrick Shane
Lainie Bernard – Lizanne Porter
Joel Bernard – Rob Zuzek
Marie – Leanna Pearce
Grandchildren – Ixy Barnes, Sky Barnes, Coda Johns

Production Staff

Stage Manager – John Henry Steelman
Set Design – Nikolai Zarnick
Light / Sound Design – Dave Cavill
Light & Sound Board Operator – Chip Engelmann
Make up Artist – Carrie Estes
Backstage Childcare – Angela Barnes, Rain Johns
Publicity – Bruce Dries, Bill Herring
Poster & Program – Brett Johns
House Manager – Lorretta Dalton
Set Construction & Painting – Ixy Barnes, Peggy Buckley, Dave Cavill, Bill Herring, Katelynn Jordan, Katrina Kayden, Donovan Murphy, Ron Murphy, Lizanne Porter, John Henry Steelman, Nikolai Zarnick, Rob Zuzek
Costumes & Props – Cast & Crew
Window Mural – Julie Engelmann
Box Office Volunteers – Martha Buckley, Kathleen Cowden, Bill Herring, Laura McLaine, Ron Murphy, Casey Smith, Sara Steelman
Theater Manager – John R. Shaw

Special Thanks

John Shaw
Katelynn Jordan
Nickolai Zarnick
Margaret Cavill
Cavill Video Creations
Kay Boyle
Jim Rodgers & WIUP Radio
Todd Marino & WDAD Radio
The Indiana Gazette
The Blairsville Dispatch
Bill Herring
William & JoAnn Johns
Pro-Packet Copies