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2011-2012 Season Shows

Seven Nuns At las Vegas

by Natalie E. White

Directed by Katrina Kayden

Showdates: October 21, 22, 23, 28 , 29, 30 – 2011

When it snows on a May Day in Indiana, Sister Columba, an elderly rheumatic nun, asks St. Joseph to take her where the weather is warm. St. Joseph takes her, the convent, and six other nuns who happen to be in the convent at the moment, to the warm sands of Nevada—just outside of Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a shock to the nuns and to St. Joseph, and the nuns and St. Joseph have a startling effect on Las Vegas. This bustling resort town gives up gambling and takes up contemplation; the Bible becomes a best seller; a mission priest is the rage of the nightclub crowd; and three dancing girls from the Silver Dollar, Peaches, Boots, and Baby, decide to take the veil. But, the nuns have their problems too. There is real-estate difficulty; they own the convent but not the ground; the younger nuns thumb rides to town; Peaches, Boots, and Baby teach one of the sisters a dance routine; and, finally, the sister in charge finds herself offering to “place a small bet.” St. Joseph and the nuns realize they had better go home, so St. Joseph returns the convent and its occupants to Indiana—the occupants at the moment including the proprietor of the Silver Dollar and the board of directors of the Amalgamated Night Clubs.

Cast (Order of Appearance)

George Green – Nikolai Zarnick
Radio Assistant – Amy McKenzie
Sister Edna – Leanna Pearce
Sister Rose – Sharon Herring
Sister Columba – Kelly Wentz
Sister Felicitas – Sara Steelman
Sister Maria – Alycia King
Sister Anne – Paige LaDuca
Sister Frances – Carrie Estes
Marcus Edelman – Uncle Don Henry
Father O’Brien – Jeremiah Fisher
Peaches – Sam Paule
Boots – Katelyn Vinisky
Baby – Nicole Outeiral
Mother Elizabeth Rose – Herself

Production Staff

Stage Manager – Amy McKenzie
Assistant Stage Manager – Jeremiah Fisher
Choreography – Katelyn Vinisky
Scenic Design – Bill Herring, Katelynn Jordan, Nikolai Zarnick
Costume Design – Kathy Baker
Props Design – Nikolai Zarnick
Lighting Design – Katelynn Jordan
Music Coordinator – Brett Johns
Poster/Program Design – Bruce Dries
Light board Operator – John Henry Steelman
Sound board Operator – Katelynn Jordan
Makeup Artist – Carrie Estes
Set Construction – Jocelyn Clayton, Carrie Estes, Jeremiah Fisher, Afton Herring, Bill Herring, Sharon Herring, Brett Johns, Katelynn Jordan, Paige LaDuca, Ashlea Leone, Matt McDermott, Amy McKenzie, Sam Paule, Leanna Pearce, John Henry Steelman, Sara Steelman, Katie Vinisky, Nikolai Zarnick
Floor/Detail Painting – Katelynn Jordan
Costume Construction – Kathy Baker, Carrie Estes, Sam Paule, Nikolai Zarnick
Props Construction – Carrie Estes, Jeremiah Fisher, Paige LaDuca, Amy McKenzie, Sam Paule, Leanna Pearce, Nikolai Zarnick
Window Mural – Julie Engelmann

Special Thanks

Cinda Krouk
Catherine Wentz
Jocelyn Clayton
Ron Murphy
Nick Hutchinson
Dave Cavill
Lorretta Dalton
WDAD and Todd Marino
WIUP-FM and Uncle Don
Indiana Gazette
Blairsville Dispatch
Kevin at Pro-Packet
Also, a special thanks to the cast and crew for lending and/or
donating many of their personal items, and their time and
effort, to make this show a success.